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360 Pantry Spinner

Maximize your pantry storage with our rotating pantry that includes a built-in cabinet for a finished look.  There are two models available for installation in a corner or along a wall.  The pantry consists of all shelving with fences, but can be customized by adding drawers, pantry pull-outs, baskets, LED lighting or cabinet doors.

The 360 Organizer® Wall Pantry Model:

The 360 Organizer® Wall Pantry is designed so that it integrates with your kitchen cabinetry or within a pantry closet.

The 360 Organizer® Corner Pantry Model:

The 360 Organizer® Corner Pantry increases your pantry storage and accessibility.  You will no longer have dead corners where your pantry items get lost.  Everything stored in your pantry will be visible so that you know exactly what you have and what you need.

The Ultimate Pantry Storage Solution

  • The 360 Pantry Spinner is built on a smaller footprint and is the perfect storage solution for spices, bottles, canned goods or larger items like cases of beverages
  • Dimensions with the cabinet are 32-3/4″W x 32-3/4″L x 91 1/2″H for the corner model or 31-1/2″W x 26″L x 91 1/2″H for the wall model
  • The main shelves are 14″D x 18″W on one side and 3 7/8″D x 18″W on the other — the shallower shelves are perfect for single bottles, keeping everything visible so that nothing gets lost in the back
  • Side shelves measure 3.5″D x 18″W — great for spices and other small items
  • Every shelf includes a chrome fence to prevent items from falling off
  • Available as a built-in unit for corner or wall installation
  • Available in all our laminate colors

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